Digital Literacy Training at Manchester Bidwell Training Center


In October, we offered digital literacy certification assessments to students and instructors at the Manchester Bidwell Training Center in Pittsburgh. Continue reading to learn more.

Increasing Digital Literacy

We challenged students at the Manchester Bidwell Training Center to pass 4 NorthStar tests offered through our classes. By passing, each student would earn a free NorthStar Certificate that recognizes their proficiency in the tested digital literacy skills.

Over a week-long testing period, nearly 40 students and instructors passed all 4 modules! Digital Literacy classes will be offered in January 2022 for those who did not pass to teach them the required skills to succeed!

About Our Classes

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to making the benefits of technology accessible to all, we are proud to offer digital literacy credentials and certificates like this on a yearly basis to the future job-seekers at the Manchester Bidwell Training Center. If you’re interested in learn about our classes, visit our Digital Literacy page!


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